The main focus of this course is to explorer the changes in human beings from the time of revealed spiritual activity to individual authority. We will explore various periods of the human history, from pre-historical or mythical times to the modern era. In each era we will examine the conditions and assumptions of the times through examples of myths, poetry, religious teachings, or philosophical works. We will learn by reading primary sources and selected chapters of the required book and by discussing changes in human consciousness of the past, present, and future.

Required Readings编辑

  1. Tarnas, Richard. The Passion of the Western Mind.

Recommended Readings编辑

  1. Barfield, Owen. Saving the Appearances.
  2. Jaynes, Julian. The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.
  3. Gebser, Jean. The Ever Present Origin.
  4. Meyer, Rudolf. The Wisdom of Fairy Tales.
  5. Steiner, Rudolf. Riddles of Philosophy, Chapter 2: The World Conception of the Greek Thinkers.

Other References编辑

  1. Overview of the Evolution of Human Consciousness